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2014 Forbes Best Colleges with Eustis Chairs

2014 Forbes Best Colleges with Eustis Chairs

Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair is proud to announce that 22 of our College and University clients were featured in the Annual Forbes Top 50 list of America’s Top Colleges. Furthermore, this is Forbes 7th annul top colleges list.  Forbes partnered with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) to create this list. In addition, Forbes ranks colleges based on student satisfaction, post graduate success, student debt, graduation rate, and academic success. Furthermore, these institutions are highly regarded prestigious institutions. All of these universities also have beautiful facilities for their students and staff. Furthermore, we were honored to outfit these prestigious universities with durable hardwood chairs. Therefore, our chairs filled these spaces beautifully. In conclusion, congratulations to our valued clients and the other great institutions highlighted.  Click here for the full list:

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