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stacking chair

Funeral Home Chooses Eustis Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair


It’s not often that we get to work with funeral homes. But when we do, we love seeing the result. Modern funeral homes are now making the switch from pews to elegant wood chairs. Why? Aside from pews being generally out of date, they are also immobile. Institutions with chairs have the luxury of mobility. Institutions can move chairs around depending on the size of the event/funeral. We did these institutions one better. At Eustis, we specialize in extremely durable yet elegant stacking (and nonstacking) hardwood chairs. A stacking chair provides the convenience of easy moving, set up, and takedown. 


Won’t the chairs break if they’re stacked? Nope! We also specialize in having the strongest joinery on the market. All of our chairs are made with steel rods inside and injected with retrograde epoxy. Therefore, our joints are the best on the market. In addition, all of our chairs come with a 20-year warranty against joint failure. 


Our newest client, the Edward L. Collins Funeral Home has supported its Oxford, PA community for 40 years. Second generation manager Kevin Collins chose our Merrimac stacking chair for the renovation of their chapel. This will be our fourth funeral home chapel with this great stacking chair. 

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