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Featured Project: The Acorn Club

Eustis Chair manufactured beautifully upholstered hardwood chairs for The Acorn Club. In fact, the club ordered 120 Louis 10-60 stacking chairs. We worked directly with the General Manager, Jennifer Gallagher, and the Food & Beverage Manager, Lauren Randall. Their member/designer, Barbara Eberlein of Eberlein Design Consultants, selected the chair upholstery and finish color. 


Louis 10-60

The Louis 10-60 Chair by Eustis Chair is a traditional wooden chair. This chair adds an elegant touch to add to any country club or banquet hall. The size of the 10-60 allows for patrons to fit and tuck in 10 chairs around a 60-inch table. The Louis chair is entirely customizable and made to order in the U.S.A. with the customer’s choice of upholstery and hardwood. It is guaranteed to last for decades thanks to the exceptional strength of the Eustis Joint®.


The Acorn Club


Since 1889, the Acorn Club has been a private women’s city club in Philadelphia. This premier club in the scenic Rittenhouse square district is a favorite meeting place for members and their guests. The Acorn provides a comfortable refuge for women of all ages amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Acorn Club owes its conception to a walking club: The Outing Club. The Club was formed as a perpetual body for promoting literary, musical, and artistic tastes, and for social enjoyment. Originally with only ten members, the first meeting place was a house with a small narrow room on Pine Street. The first clubhouse was located at 1504 Walnut Street, and larger nearby locations were purchased as the club grew, until settling at 1519 Locust in 1956. The present clubhouse, designed by Architect Sydney Martin, has been the club’s residence for over 50 years. The clubhouse is beautifully decorated with art acquired over the past 130+ years.

Founders of The Acorn Club felt confident that the club would continue to grow and develop with the times. The younger generations have fulfilled the founders’ vision for the club and continue to build its culture and personality.


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