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What to Look for in Country Club Dining Chairs

Country clubs need the best for their dining room chairs. There are so many things to consider when choosing dining chairs for a club, but luckily there are endless options. But what specific qualities are important?

Eustis Chair Dining Chairs at Lake Geneva Country Club

Eustis Chair Dining Chairs at Lake Geneva Country Club.



A chair’s strength should be a key factor in your search. Country club dining chairs need to be durable. You don’t want chairs that wear down easily under everyday use. Constantly replacing furniture can be expensive and time-consuming. Dining chairs must withstand years of serving people of all ages, such as children and elderly patrons who require the sturdiest chairs the industry offers. Purchase furniture for your club that will last for decades.




Comfort should be a priority for club dining. Upholstered chairs will provide a significantly better experience for your members. While chairs with armrests may take up more space, they’re often a welcome addition to the space. Size is also a component of comfort. Wide and roomy dining chairs are nice to sit in, but might not fit best under tables. Take the time to choose chairs that match the quality of your club. 




Whether you’re more interested in a modern or more traditional design for your club dining room, aesthetics is another factor to consider. When in doubt, simplicity and elegance never go out of style.

Also, keep in mind the practicalities of the space. Make sure you choose a design that is easily cleaned and disinfected. Chairs with lots of crevices should be avoided since they can be more difficult to maintain. Crumbles and dust can get caught in the crevices. Straight-forward designs are often preferred for this reason.

Another thing to consider is stackability. Do your chairs need to be moved around and stored easily? Will your chairs ever need to be used for other events, such as weddings? These are all questions that will influence which country club dining chairs are best.




Find a furniture provider that is able to customize to your exact needs. Creating a cohesive image is important to your club. You might want your chairs to represent the brand with an engraved logo or name. You might want specific dimensions or even a bookholder.


Eustis Chair is dedicated to providing you with the best country club dining chairs; we prioritize all the above qualities and can produce a custom design that perfectly matches your particular space. If you would like to contact us to request sample chairs, click here.

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