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bank of england chair

Perrot Memorial Library Chairs

Federal Reserve Hardwood Chair


Perrot Memorial Library in Old Greenwich, Connecticut ordered Federal Reserve chairs for their building last year.  They are still thrilled with their choice of seating. This library in the Long Island Sound area has been serving its community since 1904. It was founded by the descendants of Old Greenwich’s first private schoolmaster, John Perrot. The Jeffersonian-style building houses roughly 60,000 books for its patrons and guests to enjoy. Additionally, the building houses several other offerings for residents of the surrounding area. 
We keep in contact with Perrot Memorial regarding their chair purchase. The order came to fruition in 2017 when we deliver their Federal Reserve armchairs. The Federal Reserve Chair is an interpretation of the Bank of England chair style. The Federal Reserve hardwood chair offers back support with eight splats and high armrests that flow gracefully into the front legs and top back. This design adds to the overall impression of stylized architecture. The style is Neoclassicism and Neo-Palladianism. For the building that houses Perrot Memorial Library, this fits their specifications perfectly and have reported to us that the chairs “look, and feel, terrific!”. We view libraries as a cornerstone of America’s academic excellence. Our work will go on to support libraries for several more years.

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