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Harvard Business School Installs Concord Chairs

Fine dining wood chairs in America’s premier institutions


Last week we helped the team at Harvard Business School (HBS) install over three hundred Concord fine dining wood chairs to their events ballroom space. The Concords went into the same building as our Ivy League seating; this provides a nice complement on both ends of the building. Harvard needs no introduction as arguably the most recognizable college in America; to complement its prestigious reputation they have purchased our custom chairs for several student dormitories, dining halls, and meeting rooms throughout campus. HBS is rightfully ranked in the top two institutions worldwide.


With a more petite stature than the average seating – measuring in at 34 inches tall – the Concord chair blends seamlessly into any event as a hassle-free component. It is also one of our stacking chairs, which relieves staff of arduous reconfiguration and routine cleaning. The fact that it stacks 6-8 chairs high and comes with a 20-year warranty makes it a real winner for a function space or dining room. HBS agreed, making a slight modification to accommodate more within limited space.


For function spaces, getting to stack your chairs makes event planning a smooth transition from one event to the next. This is especially helpful when there’s a quick turnaround in between events. Better yet, a stack of chairs means moving multiple chairs in one go instead of one at a time. At the request of the facilities team, we made custom dollies for their newest stacking wood chairs. While different from our custom-made Transporters, they will still meet the test of time!


Our other projects at Harvard University include Memorial Hall (linked above), Adams House, the HBS Faculty Club, and Quincy House. For other projects we have collaborated with Harvard on, see more on our blog under the Harvard tag.

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