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stacking hardwood chairs

Our Top Stacking Hardwood Chairs

The best wood stacking chairs on the market


Half of our line is made up of stacking hardwood chairs, a wildly popular choice for our clients nationwide. (The rest of our line can be built to stack too!) This way, your institution can embrace both the warmth of wood and ease of convenience – there’s a number of reasons why stacking chairs go above and beyond for your events, facilities staff, and cleaning crew.

Now, which stacking chairs are consistently at the top? Throughout the years we’ve seen a handful of particular models chosen again and again:


1. Council Room

council room chair

Even the name itself evokes great prominence, as fitting one of our top sellers. The Council Room has a deep seat and an eased sitting angle of 3 degrees; we have specifically engineered both to maximize relaxation. But don’t let its comfort fool you! This is seating meant for business, with a strength guaranteed to last under any strain for the next two decades at minimum.


2. Bohemian

stacking hardwood chairs

We originally designed the Bohemian for its namesake home: the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, arguably the most prestigious private club in the nation. To uphold their distinguished reputation, they came to us for seating that could match its history and inductees. This elegant chair timelessly retains its comfort, even after a long dinner and a show.


3. Claremont

dining stacking chair

The Claremont has inspired several additions to our line as a top bestseller. Multiple clubs and institutions have clamored for its exquisite, sculpted composition. The back support showcases wood curved and braided into the shapes of leaves and diamonds; it weaves its way to a seat nothing short of spectacular in its comfort and durability.


4. Charleston

charleston chair

We designed this elegant, contemporary version of the classic “schoolhouse chair” for the College of Charleston. The resulting Charleston chair is as comfortable as it is distinctive. It remains a top contender for libraries and school settings, where comfort in an educational environment remains a priority.


5. Merrimac

merrimac chair

The Merrimac chair was designed to be lighter, easier to handle, and take less storage space than our earlier stackable chairs. The top back of the chair and the tops of the back posts are curved instead of square. This seemingly minor change has a significant effect on the overall look of the chair, which is now as much Transitional as it is Arts & Crafts.


This stacking capability wouldn’t be possible without our advanced joinery, unlike anything else on the market. The Eustis Joint, which makes our seating near-impossible to destroy, ensures that tensile stress from stacking won’t cause them to break. In fact, your stacking hardwood chairs are guaranteed to last for twenty years minimum with the Eustis Joint, which is the longest warranty we’ve seen for beautifully-made wood chairs.

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