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Flexibility: The New Shift in Library Furniture

Unexpected changes now seem to be the norm. Circumstances have demanded many rapid shifts in regard to furniture and interior design in public spaces. When the COVID-19 pandemic happened, flexibility became a necessity. To keep up with guidelines and safety, quick and innovative adjustments in the library structure are often needed. Now more than ever, movability and stackability are essential factors when purchasing library furniture.


Stacking Chairs


Library furniture that stacks is practical and easy. Stacking chairs not only allow for flexible multi-functional areas, but they also save on storage space. 

Here at Eustis Chair, we provide the best quality stacking hardwood chairs. Our chairs stack 6-8 and are the sturdiest on the market thanks to our propriety Eustis Joint


Movable Chairs


Chairs that are able to be moved and stored are also important to a flexible library. With all the changes and adjustments happening, you need to be able to rearrange your chairs almost daily to keep up with the demands of the world and your patrons. Movable library furniture is a must.


But you need to make sure you buy quality so that all the moving around doesn’t break your chairs. Eustis Chair prides itself on providing the most durable furniture. Feel free to move our chairs around as you want and be confident that our furniture will last for decades. We even have a 20+ year guarantee of quality thanks to our signature joint technology.


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