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Furniture Trends: Antique Design

Antique Furniture in the Modern Age 


A furniture trend to keep your eye on in the future comes from the past. We are seeing a surge in popularity in antique furnishings. There are a variety of reasons for the move toward more traditional furniture. 

During turbulent times, people tend to seek comfort. Antique furniture and design brings people back to a different time that seems both simple and comforting. Between the the late 80s and early 90s, a trend toward modern design became popular. This trend has held strong for a few decades, but is now going away. There is a massive shift toward antique and traditional design. 


Antique Styles by Eustis Chair  


At Eustis Chair, we offer a variety of traditional chairs that match the trend toward antique furnishing. Let’s take a look at 4 of our most popular traditional chairs.


The Cotswold

The Cotswold is one of our most traditional chairs. It is designed like many old English style chairs. This chair features Baroque legs and a hardwood ball rail. Like all of our chairs, The Cotswold is made with our signature Eustis Joints. Our construction techniques guarantee chairs will last up to 20 years. The joints of our chairs are extremely strong. This chair is perfect for any space looking to have durable and antique styled hardwood chairs.

the cotswold antique furniture

The King and Prince 

The King and Prince is an antique reproduction chair. This chair features a detailed back-slat to provide comfort and style. Additionally, the cushioned seat allows customers to chose elegant patterns to further enhance the antique design. The King and Prince is durable. It stands strong for more than 20 years. This chair can even stack up to 8 chairs high. It is often used in high use areas. 

king and prince antique furniture

The River Oaks

The River Oaks is another one of our most traditional style chairs. Similar to the King and Prince, this chair has a decorative back slat. Additionally, it features clawed feet. As it is stack-able, we often see the River Oak used in banquet halls and member dining facilities. The stack-ability makes it easy to store and move. Finally, Eustis Chair also makes a wide version for elevated comfort!

river oaks antique furniture

The Louis

Another antique style chair is The Louis. This chair is based on Louis style chairs. We made our Louis chair with Eustis Joints to ensure durability. Moreover, the fabric cushion covering is customization to match any type of venue. Our Louis chairs can stack 8-10 chairs high to make for easy storage. 

The Louis antique furniture

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The trend of antique furniture has slowly been coming back into style ,and has recently exploded in popularity. Websites like Architectural Digest expect the trend to hold for years to come. 

Learn more about our entire line of traditional/antique chairs here!


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