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Louis Stacking Side and Arm Chair

Our Louis stacking chair gets its styling from 18th century France, but the engineering is totally modern. The curving back posts flow seamlessly into the back legs, acting as firm – yet minimal – backing for the archetypal oval frame. The hardwood back assembly encircles the seat back, emphasizing the upholstery of your choice as it does so. Its elliptical seat rails and legs are expertely sanded and custom stained to achieve an opulent finish suited for exceptional establishments. 
Thanks to our proprietary Eustis Joint®, the Louis chair stacks 6-8 high, is elegant and comfortable, and comes with a 20 year warranty.
What type of seat can I have? The Louis is best with an upholstered seat.
Does this chair come with arms? This chair can come with or without arms.


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Chair Dimensions

Chair diagram
Height (H):  39″
Chair Width (CW): 18″
Seat Depth (SD): 17″
Sitting Height (SH): 18″
Front Width (FW):  18″

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