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The future of furniture

Wood: The Future of Furniture

Just like fashion, furniture trends come and go. For years, a modern look for furniture has consisted of inorganic materials such as plastic and steel to emulate a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. But more and more many designers and architects are returning to the basics. Let’s explore how wood is the future of furniture.


Old Meets New


Wood furniture circulating back into popularity can be seen across Pinterest boards and magazines everywhere. Of course, wood is certainly not a new material. In fact, it’s one of the oldest. In the last few decades, wood has come in and out of interior design, bringing an updated iteration of a timeless classic each time. Old meets new, as this return of natural furniture has been described. Offering sustainability and a natural feel that combats the stress of modern life, wood furniture is the next big trend.


Natural Is In


Urban-inspired minimalism with cold white walls, clean lines, and glossy steel surfaces is going out the window in favor of warm, cozy, nature-inspired interiors. Wood furniture is a large part of creating that sort of natural, inviting space.


Wood Chairs


If you’re still unsure about going wood for large pieces, start out by ordering wood chairs for your space. If you want high-quality chairs that are trendy and look great in a variety of spaces, wood chairs are the way to go! They’re sturdy, durable, and can look great for decades.


Wood chairs come in different designs, finishes, and styles, so it’s easy to find a wooden chair that will complement your institution’s interior. To add character and personality to your wood chairs, you can mix various fabrics and materials with them too. Stylish, beautiful, and strong, wood chairs are some of the best wood furniture pieces to invest in.  And even as trends come and go, they will continue to add a touch of classical elegance to your space and hold up for decades to come.

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