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Greek Life at University of Texas Springs for Eustis Chairs

Now that schools are going back in session, Greek life nationwide is finalizing their preparations for the new year. This includes Alpha Delta Pi at the University of Texas, who have received several of our Merrimac chairs for their sorority house. ADPi was one of the first societies founded for women, beginning in 1851 and spreading to multiple campuses since then. The University of Texas in Austin has over seventy different fraternities and sororities on campus, culminating in a large Greek presence in the Live Music Capital of the World.
We worked with both ADPi leadership and Sparrow Interiors to create sorority chairs that best fit what the sorority needed before the 2018-19 year. Namely, this involved chairs that were sturdy enough to outlast any college events and beautiful enough to use for formal settings. We built over seventy Merrimac chairs for the house, our model with curved lines on the back of the chair for added comfort. The Transitional design not only harkens to a particular furniture style, but also embodies its versatility for virtually any event they’re needed for. Plus, the advanced technology offered by the Eustis Joint enables both stackability and an incredible 20-year warranty! ADPi is sure to have these chairs in their home through many years of excellence at UT.

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