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How Many Eustis Chairs Fit in a Closet?

Easily Store Furniture


One of the benefits of hardwood stacked chairs by Eustis Chair is the ability to easily store furniture. Eustis Chairs take up much less space than comparable furniture. We even put it to the test. We decided to see how many of our chairs will fit within a 9 ft by 6 ft closet. This closet size seems to be pretty standard for our club and university clients. In the photos, you can see our Merrimac chairs. We stacked them ten chairs high. For most of our stackable models, we recommend stacking six to eight chairs. Although, up to ten is fine for chairs without arms.


The Results

hardwood stacking chairs

After stacking, ten chairs take up about 36 inches by 18 inches of space. The 3′ length was measured by how far out the stacked chairs extend, and the 1.6′ width remained the same as the chair width. It took very little time to stack these chairs and move them into this area.


Here’s what we found for the 9’x6′ storage space, we comfortably placed ninety chairs in it thanks to our stackable features. If we wanted to place additional chairs in this same closet space, we could add thirty more chairs – or three additional stacks – with very tight spacing between each stack, for a total usable space for one hundred and twenty chairs.


This stacking capability wouldn’t be possible without our advanced joinery, unlike anything else on the market. The Eustis Joint, which makes our seating near-impossible to destroy, ensures that tensile stress from stacking won’t cause them to break. In fact, your chairs are guaranteed to last for twenty years minimum with the Eustis Joint, which is the longest warranty we’ve seen for beautifully made wood chairs. 


Easily Store Furniture: Hardwood Stacking Chairs


In our line of stacking hardwood chairs, we can stack both side and armchairs as needed. Armchairs can stack up to six high, while side chairs can stack up to eight or ten high; the stacking capabilities depend on the model and design. If you have a mix of side and armchairs, they can be stacked together. In fact, they can be different models of Eustis Chairs and still stack fine! We send a quick guide with stacking chairs to show how to best take care of your chairs with stacking for storage and are happy to offer further guidance at any time if so needed.


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