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Covid-19 Seating Arrangements

Covid-19 Seating Arrangements

In 2021 there have been significant advances in the science surrounding Covid-19. With over half of the population in the US have received their first dose of vaccine, it is beginning to feel like the pandemic is behind us. Though we have a long way to go until the world is like it once was, we can decide now what lessons we would like to take from the pandemic as we move forward.

Many of us learned about the science of disease spread and even benefitted from the increased precautions; in the last year, the US has had the lowest number of flu cases in recorded history, so why does complete vaccination mean we have to accept the ways of old? If you’re interested in maintaining social distancing in your establishment because of the comfort it provides or the health benefits, here are covid-19 seating arrangements you can use to keep disease low as reopening continues.  



COVID-19 Seating Arrangements  


Office Seating Arrangements 

Now that office spaces are beginning to reopen, the traditional style of back-to-back cubicles may pose a challenge when trying to maintain public distancing guidelines. The CDC recommends that office buildings that are reopening take stock of all of the places where, in their current setup, workers could be physically close enough (6 feet) that they may be in danger of infection.

Checking the physical distancing ability of office workers is important. Equally important is checking the physical distancing capabilities custodians, utility employees, and other maintenance staff members are vital to ensuring the health and safety of everyone that comes into work. The CDC also recommends keeping gatherings like meetings to fewer than ten people in a space. For desk arrangements, employees should maintain physical distancing and not face each other to minimize the possibility of spreading disease.  

Below are two potential changes you can make to your office seating arrangements. Not noted on the charts is the importance of designated directional walkways. Especially in small spaces like conference rooms. Avoiding potential run-ins by designating walking directions can be done by putting signs or markers around the office.


Conference Room Covid-19 Seating Arrangement


Covid-19 Office Seating Arrangement


Spiritual Space Arrangements 

Spiritual spaces accommodate people of all ages. When reopening spiritual areas to the community, it’s essential to consider the needs of all worshippers in your seating plan. Those who are at high risk for severe illness should not be kept from worship. Below we have provided a seating plan that offers places that could be designated for people who are high risks. This includes older members and chronically ill members. It’s important to note that people at high risk are still entitled to confidentiality, so the purpose of the space should not be shared to make everyone feel welcome.  

Keeping adequate distance between worshippers is the most important change to make to existing spiritual seating plans. Additionally, avoiding face-to-face interactions and keeping all worshippers facing one direction can help slow the spread.

Spiritual Space COVID-19 Seating Arrangement

Dining Hall Seating Arrangements  

Cafeteria and dining hall spaces are particularly tricky when it comes to reopening. With peak hours a considerable barrier in reducing capacity, how can you safely open cafeteria spaces? The CDC recommends reducing power as much as possible by offering take-out style dining and staggering meals. Additionally, to reduce large groups, put a seating limit on all dine-in tables.  

Another way to provide adequate space in a cafeteria is by marking the floor for lines. Arrangements should seek to maintain physical distancing whenever possible. This includes when waiting in line. Marking the floor can be a way to enable that.

Reducing table capacity is a great way to reduce the spread of disease. You may also consider things like plastic barriers between individuals facing each other to further protect those using the cafeteria.


Cafeteria social distancing arrangement



Eustis Chair Can Help 

As community members, whether it be a business, spiritual space, or general community space, we can do our part to decrease the spread of disease. Setting up a room for success can provide the groundwork for a positive change; Especially in the lives of those at high risk for contracting diseases. An equal to space setup is communication. Communicating with the members of your community about expectations and changes can make everyone a part of the positive change the pandemic has the potential to bring. 

Finding the right way to make these adjustments may take a few tries. Chair durability is crucial as you put the joints to the test by moving, stacking, and lifting chairs repeatedly while reconfiguring.  Having durable, cleanable chairs is extremely important.  


Eustis Chair has an extensive line of hardwood chairs that boast unmatched strength and ease of cleaning. Every one of our wood stacking chairs comes with an unbeatable 20-year warranty, guaranteeing they will provide the longevity you need for COVID-19 seating arrangements and (hopefully) once the pandemic has subsided. 

Contact us today to discuss your chair, chair transporter, and table needs. 


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