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Harkness Table classroom chair

Harkness Table Chair Buyers Guide

Harkness Table Classroom Chair


Preparatory schools around the world are embracing the collaborative learning benefits of the Harkness philosophy of teaching. For those new to the method, Harkness teaching uses one large oval table with pull-out tablets in every classroom. This method fosters teacher and student discussion.


Harkness Tables are named after the well-known American philanthropist Edward Harkness (1874 – 1940). Edward Harkness donated $5.8 million in 1930 to Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. With this sizable donation, the school is able to limit its class size to only 12 students. Phillips Exeter Academy school sets up the classrooms for the teacher to share an oval table with students. This results in a whole-class discussion, rather than a lecture. This style of learning provides great opportunities for student-led dialogue and questions. It is important to carefully consider your chair selection for your Harkness Table classroom. Furthermore, here are a few points to consider before ordering Harkness chairs:


How long is the chair warranty?


Most companies only provide 5-year warranties against manufacturing defects in their hardwood chairs. All Eustis Chairs manufactured with our mortise and tenon joinery come with a 10-year warranty against joint failure (where most chairs break). Eustis Chairs made with the Eustis Joint come with an unbeatable 20-year warranty against joint failure.


How comfortable is the chair?


Eustis Chair offers stylish and comfortable chairs for any room. All Eustis Chair seats use 2.5″ of high-density foam for maximum sitting comfort. Eustis Chair wood seats are saddled and sanded for comfort and for varied seating positions.


Does the chair match or enhance the ambiance and feel of your school and classroom?

Eustis Chair offers a wide variety of chair designs to fit every style of decor. We build every Eustis Chair product to order in the USA. Eustis Chair products are customized with the hardwood species and stain color of your choice to perfectly match Harkness Tables.

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