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Why choose wood furniture

Why Choose Wood Furniture: 5 Reasons to Pick Hardwood

Wood chairs are a timeless addition to a space. But aside from aesthetics, why choose wood furniture? Things like price points and concerns about material sustainability can often concern potential hardwood furniture buyers. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider purchasing hardwood furniture.

1. Sustainability 


Responsibly sourced wood is the only sustainable building material. Lumber farmers can replant trees after they are cut down. When trees are replanted, they utilize the carbon dioxide in the air, one of the major contributors to the climate crisis, and when they are mature enough, they can be cut down for material. And the cycle repeats itself. Trees aren’t environmentally neutral; they’re actively contributing to the improvement of our environment.  


Timber also takes less energy to produce than other comparable materials, like steel. Between the sustainability of tree regrowth and the reduced environmental impact of production, timber is considered the only sustainable building material that is commonly used.  


2. Mental Health Benefits 


The use of wood inside a building has been found to have positive psychological effects on workers and students. A year-long study examined the psychology of high school students aged 13 to 15. Half of the subjects were taught in a classroom with features made of solid wood and the other half in a classroom equipped with non-wood architecture. The results showed that students taught in the wooden classrooms had decreased heart rates and decreased perception of stress from interactions with teachers. In contrast, students taught in the control classroom had increased heart rates and greater stress responses when interacting with teachers. The researchers theorized that the use of wood for building material in furniture and building architecture mimics the calming effects of being outside in nature.  


Incorporating wood into your space could yield similar positive results! Decreased stress can lead to happier students and workers, increase productivity and more.


3. Durability


Wood furniture is innately durable. Unlike other materials like plastic prone to falling apart with wear, wood furniture lasts for decades or even centuries! Antique furniture passed down from generation to generation is commonplace, and it’s predominately wood. One of the factors that contribute to wood’s durability is how easy it is to repair. Unlike a plastic chair that splits at the legs and costs more to repair than to repurchase, wood furniture is accessible to repair. Carpenters can repair anything from dings and scratches to broken joints without breaking the bank.  


4. Easy to care for 


Well-crafted wood furniture doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. It may only require about as much care as your flooring, if not less; so, wood furniture offers a low-maintenance option that still looks elegant. Because it’s so low effort, you may find your wood furniture coming with you through major style reinventions. It’s easy for that too! Refinishing wood is an option to change up the look of a piece without starting from scratch.  


5. Superior Craftsmanship 


At Eustis Chair, we overlooked no detail when creating the chairs in our line. We source and manufacture all of our material is sustainably, and every chair is hand-made in the USA. Every chair is customizable in color, stackability, and more because we prioritize craftsmanship in our production process to ensure you have a chair for life. Woodworkers from around the states will attest to the love put into woodworking done with real hardwood. Though purchasing from large retailers may be tempting to keep under budget, supporting local craftsmanship puts your money towards local industry, sustainability, and thoughtful design. 


So Why Choose Wood Furniture?


In summary, wood furniture has unmatched longevity, customization, and sustainability as a building material. Additional benefits include improved mental health of those working or learning in a space that features wood furniture.


When purchasing wood furniture, consider Eustis Chair. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any manufacturing processes, customizations, or anything else related to your hardwood chair needs.  

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