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Harvard faculty club chairs

Stacking Chairs Go to HBS Faculty Club

Harvard faculty club chairs


According to their website:

“The Harvard Faculty Club is dedicated to offering quality meeting, conference, function, dining, and lodging services to a broad constituency including Harvard Faculty, alumni/ae, professional staff, long-service employees, members of the Cambridge business community, and their guests.” We are delighted they purchased Harvard faculty club chairs from Eustis Chair.”


Eustis Chair delivered 203 Merrimac stacking chairs today to the Faculty Club. The Faculty Club is located at Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We thrilled the school officials with the visual impact of the new chairs. They are planning to replace the rest of their outdated chairs in the next budget cycle. Of course, we love working with Harvard for all their stacking and non-stacking hardwood chair needs. 


As the oldest and most well-known university in the United, States, Harvard holds itself to the highest standard. As does Eustis Chair. We make each and every Eustis Chair of quality hardwood in our factory in the United States. We carefully craft each piece with intention. Our Eustis Joints allow our chairs to be the strongest on the market. No one else offers chair joinery that makes the chair stronger than the hardwood itself. No one except Eustis Chair, that is!

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