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stacking wooden chairs

Emma Willard School

Gothic Dining Chairs

The Emma Willard School in Troy, New York, has educated girls for more than 200 years. That’s quite a legacy of learning. The school is a leading college prep boarding and day school. The school has empowered girls to shape the world around them since 1814. What an impressive journey. We love to make stacking wooden chairs for such great institutions.

The Emma Willard School has a Gothic style dining hall on the campus. It is currently undergoing a major renovation. They had to choose furniture to match the beautiful Gothic style. They looked all around. Today they decided to place an order for 425 stacking Willard chairs. Who did they decide to order these chairs from? Eustis Chair, of course!

Their original plans called for just 160 stacking chairs. They were looking to purchase these chairs for use during special school functions. When the Trustees saw the elegance of our stacking wooden chairs designed for their facility, they chose to furnish the entire facility with our beautiful Willard chair. We are sure glad they did. They will not regret their investment. These chairs are built to last for decades. Eustis Chair has a 20 year warranty on every chair with a Eustis Joint.

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