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high quality Library Chair

Santa Cruz Public Libraries’ Charleston Chair

High Quality Library Chair

Successful libraries allow library patrons a safe and comfortable spot to learn. It is imperative that library chairs are durable. Library chairs must also offer comfort. If a chair hurts a patrons back, they will not stay long. Lucky for libraries, Eustis Chair makes library chairs. We offer winning design options for the most discerning of tastes. In fact, we work with libraries across the United States.  

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries are located in Northern California. They recently selected the Charleston Chair by Eustis Chair. The Charleston Chair is part of the renovation of the Live Oak library branch.

To date, thirteen libraries in New England, the Southeast, and now the West picked this chair. It provides a special combination of elegance and comfort. The chair also offers unsurpassed durability. In our humble opinion, the Charleston chair is the perfect public library chair. Eustis Chair loves our library customers. In fact, they love our custom chairs as well. We often get feedback from past customers thanking us for the durable and comfortable nature of our hardwood library chairs. A winning combination, indeed. 

Contact us today if you have a library in need of chairs. We have options to choose from. We also offer custom orders and can design new chairs.

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