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simmons college chair

Simmons College New Custom Library Chair

Simmons College Chair

Simmons University in Boston recently worked with Boston based architects Fletcher Harkness Cohen & Moneyhum. The goal is creating a special interior for the new university library. They asked Eustis Chair to modify an already existing Eustis Chair model.  Simmons University wanted to makeover our very popular Charleston Chair for this project. Eustis Chair agreed. The outcome is unbelievable. The Simmons college chair is a fine model.  

We decided to honor the university and call our elegant, new custom library chair the Simmons Chair. The chair is made of natural Cherry wood. It will be a focal point of the interior in this great new library. Indeed, it will last for decades. Simmons University was great to work with on this project. Eustis Chair loves to design custom chairs for our customers. Custom designs are some of our favorite projects. 

Finally, to see photos of this project and other similar library chair jobs, view our Academic Library Chair Installations page. If you have an upcoming project, let us know. Eustis Chair is happy to help. You can look though our chairs here and let us know if one meets your needs. If not, we can work together to see if a new design makes sense for the project. In conclusion, we look forward to hearing from you today.

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