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How to Choose A Custom Chair Manufacturer

How should you choose a custom chair manufacturer? Custom chairs come in all shapes and sizes, as do the manufacturers that craft them. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to even start. But here are some things we think you should keep in mind before purchasing.


Choose a Manufacturer with Lots of Custom Options


Eustis Chair has over 100 hardwood chair designs in our line. We can manufacture any chair to fit the needs of your institution. In addition, we can make simple changes to an existing design in our line. For example, we can switch out the slats in the back of a chair, reshape the back splat, or ease the seating angle. We can also convert most of our stacking chair designs into non-stacking ones, and vice versus, often without the need for a prototype chair. Furthermore, Eustis Chair is able to reproduce other chair designs that are no longer made or have never been made for institutional use. And if none of the chair designs in our current line can be altered to make the chair you want, we can discuss options for a completely new design.


Choose a Manufacturer that is Sustainable


More and more, customers are concerned with buying from sustainable businesses. Eustis Chair prides itself on being committed to sustainable practices in every area. Unlike steel or iron alloys, wood is the only renewable construction material. Wood requires less energy to produce and doubles the amount of eco-cycle efficiency. Furthermore, the hardwood we use is all sustainably harvested in properly managed woodlands. And because our chairs are so durable, they stay in circulation long after our competitor’s chairs are in landfills. In our FSC-certified factory, we strive for the minimum of waste, and we recycle everywhere we can. From lumber sourcing to factory recycling measures, environmental care remains a crucial part of our business process.


Choose a Manufacturer that Cares


When choosing a custom chair manufacturer, you want one that cares about you. Eustis Chair is committed to taking the time necessary to get to know you, your institution, and what your needs are. We highly encourage you to contact us and request a chair sample. We want you to be completely happy and confident before you purchase.


One way to know a manufacturer cares is to check out their past customers. Satisfied buyers are a great way to judge where to get chairs from. Eustis Chair is proud to have served and produced thousands of chairs for happy customers. Want to check out some of the prestigious institutions that put their trust in us? Check out our installations map.

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