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traditional wood chairs

Traditional Wood Chairs

Eustis Chair is proud to manufacture the best traditional wood chairs on the market. From country club to library to university dining hall, these designs give a touch of classic elegance to each space. Interested? Let’s take a look at some traditional chairs we love.




First up, we recommend the Cotswold Chair by Eustis Chair. The Cotswold is an antique reproduction chair. It gets its traditional look from the centuries-old English style. Our design features a detailed ball rail and Baroque legs. This elegant hardwood chair is perfect for any setting. 


Next is the Suffolk Chair by Eustis Chair. This chair is an antique reproduction of an original Suffolk chair. It is engineered with traditional elements and a high back slat. The Suffolk is versatile and looks great in any room.


Third, we have the Oberlin Chair by Eustis Chair. The Oberlin is a traditional chair made with bottom stretchers for aesthetic purposes. The Oberlin is a great, comfortable choice for a variety of different spaces.


Lastly, let’s look at the Ballroom Chair by Eustis Chair. This chair was designed in collaboration with Kemble Interiors for a private club in Manhattan. The Ballroom is a beautiful traditional wood chair that is stackable. It features an elegant tapered back design and a Queen Anne leg. This classic chair comes with a 20-year warranty against joint failure. 


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Getting the aesthetic of antique chairs with modern technology mixes the best of both worlds. Eustis Chair has many traditional designs that are made infinitely stronger thanks to the Eustis Joint®. We offer the best joint warranty in the industry an unbeatable 20-year guarantee against all joint failures. Even after decades of daily use, our traditional wood chairs stand the test of time and continue to look great. Since our founding, the Eustis Joint® has set the standard for elegant hardwood chairs that last for generations.

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