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Two Libraries Buy Jenkins Law Library Chairs

Law Library Chairs: Two Libraries Make Purchase

One of the many chair designs that Eustis Chair makes are the Jenkins Law Library chairs. The Jenkins Law Library chair has narrow rails. Therefore, the gentle curves of this chair give it an elegant (and almost delicate) look. The steel-and-epoxy Eustis Joints® give it the strength to withstand decades of daily library use. This chair offers comfort that is second to none! 

The New England School of Law, dedicated to the education of women, opened in 1908. In 1938, the school went co-educational. It is a founding member (along with 3 other schools) of the Consortium for Innovative Legal Education. They are excellent in their field. What a great match for Eustis Chair! They love our Jenkins chairs. In fact, Boston’s New England School of Law took delivery today of 100 Jenkins law library chairs.

Boone County Public Library, in Kentucky, offers many classes and fun activities for the local community. They want their library patrons to be comfortable. The library also wants to maintain a stylish and classic interior. Boone County Public Library recently needed new library chairs. They researched the options. They went with Eustis Chair. Their order will be custom made and delivered in 8 weeks. 

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