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Victorian stacking arm chair

Victorian Stacking Arm Chair

Victorian Stacking Arm Chair

Eustis Chair designed the King and Prince chair for a four star resort. This resort needed a stackable chair to match their Victorian dining room. However, you do not need a Victorian dining room to order this chair. It is a lovely chair that looks beautiful in any space, including yours. The King and Prince arm chair stacks 6 chairs high. The classic Victorian style  of this arm chair includes claw arm details. This Victorian stacking arm chair is gorgeous! The crest rail along the top of the chair slopes down from its finials. It has a gracefully carved back slat, presenting a seat that seems tailored for royalty. Its arm chair iteration ends in seat rails similar to the paws of a lion, a common symbol for powerful dynasties. 

Despite the elegant design, this chair will last for decades. We warranty the chair for 20 years. That is a long time in the fine dining and banquet world! The strength is hanks to our patented Eustis Joint® technology. Our technology makes the chair joints more durable than the hardwood. Each chair is custom made to order from your choice of sustainably grown hardwoods by our expert craftspeople in our US chair factory.

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