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We love a good library project. In addition, we love working with public libraries. Here at Eustis Chair, we support education and learning always. Libraries are also a large part of our business. Projects involving renovations in libraries are a large reason we are where we are today. Creating elegant yet durable seating for high use spaces is our specialty. We understand that chairs in public libraries will see much daily wear and tear. Therefore, our mission is to create the most beautiful and durable chair on the market.


For example, we recently teamed up with the Redmond Branch of King County Library System. They were excited by the prospect of owning our durable and stackable chairs. Recently, we installed 100 of our Northampton model library and study chairs. The Northampton was the perfect design and fit in seamlessly in their library. In order to bring the project to life, we worked with the expert team at Working Spaces in Kirkland, WA. In the end, the designers selected the Northampton for its unmatched durability, sustainability, and contemporary design.  Their new Eustis Chairs will be put to great use as the Redmond Branch is the busiest location within the 49 branches in Western Washington.

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