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simmons bar stool

Simmons Wooden Bar Stool

Wooden Bar Stool


We know chairs are our forte, but we like to branch out sometimes! Our team is always curious and constantly finding ways to innovate. Yes, that includes new types of seating and tables! We loved the idea of doing a bar stool because many of our clients require dining seating. Elegant hardwood chairs for dining seating also match beautifully with matching or non matching bar stools at bar. The addition of a bar in a fine dining area in a private club or restaurant is likely increase foot traffic.


For example, the new Simmons wooden bar stool is superior. It leads the pack in elegance, comfort, and durability. We do not overlook any detail in creating the perfect bar stool. This includes the copper wrapped footrest and counter height. All stools are made to order as well. The Simmons was created to match our popular Simmons chair. The Simmons stool has the same crowned top back and other small details. In addition, the barstool is customizable and can be made with a wood or cushioned seat. It is manufactured in our local United States chair factory. Due to our superior joinery, every chair and bar stool with a Eustis Joint comes with our unmatched 20 year warranty against joint failure. Contact us today to discuss options or request a sample!

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