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Library Chair

Temple University

Library Chair

Library chairs are our specialty. In fact, our mission is to design extremely durable, sustainable, yet elegant hardwood chairs. In addition, we design our chairs specifically with high use spaces in mind. We understand that high use spaces face immense daily wear and tear. Therefore, we have created the most durable hardwood chair joinery on the market. Our craftspeople construct our chairs with steel rods for stability and inject each chair with retrograde epoxy for added reinforcement. 

Temple University came to use with an exciting renovation project. Their goal was to create unimproved facility for student and staff. Temple University‘s Omar Mitchell, Director of Finance for Libraries, learned that one of his employees had sat comfortably in Eustis Chair‘s Westlake library Chair for 3 days at a recent conference. That was a huge selling point. Mitchell realized that he desired chairs that would not only hold up to prolonged use, but the chairs also needed to be comfortable. He called us immediately about their Special Collections Research Center area. As Finance Director, he was also pleased to learn about the 20 year warranty on our Eustis Joints®! We are excited to work with Temple University again in the near future! 

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