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Durable Arm Chair

Gothic Stacking Durable Arm Chair

Durable Arm Chair

Almost all of our chairs were created out of customers’ necessity. In fact, we design custom chairs to suit facility’s needs. Furthermore, all of our chairs are customizable. Customers can chose the model, hardwood species, stain, and upholstery. However, if one of our existing models is not perfect for the facility’s needs, we are always happy to rework an existing chair or design an entirely new one. 

The Burton Judson Arm chair is one of our brand new designs. We designed this model specifically for high use spaces in mind. These spaces such as libraries and universities face high amounts of daily wear and tear. In addition, many universities are beginning to embrace the college gothic style for their buildings. Therefore, they need furniture to match their elegant venues. The Burthon Judson arm chair features the same gothic design and stacking capability as our Burton Judson side chair. You will not find a more durable arm chair as all critical arm and chair joints feature our patented Eustis Joint®. Our craftspeople construct all of our chairs with steel rods for stability and retrograde epoxy for added reinforcement. All of our chairs with our Eustis Joint come with an unparalleled 20 year warranty against joint failure.

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