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Oldest US Law Library

 Library Renovation

The 200 year-old Jenkins Law Library is located in Philadelphia, PA. In fact, it is  just three blocks from Independence Hall. Near the final stages of an interior library renovation, Library Director Regina Smith sat in scores of chairs before making a decision. Of course, after discovering the perfect blend of elegance, comfort and durability of Eustis Chairs, she was sold. She fell in love with the new Jenkins Eustis model. Later, the chair was renamed in their honor. 

The Jenkins 

The Jenkins was the right decision for Jenkins Law Library for many reasons. First, the chair had all the elegance and comfort the library desired. The library wanted a chair that would please their guests, but also keep them awake at the library table! They loved the look of hardwood, so no plastic or metal chairs would do. We constructed this chair with our Eustis Joint, the more durable joinery on the market. Furthermore, we make our joints with steel rods for added support and inject each chair with retrograde epoxy for more stability. Each of our chairs made with the Eustis Joint also comes with a 20 year warranty protecting against joint failure. 

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