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Library Renovation Guide 2022

Library Renovation Guide


Eustis Chair manufactures custom hardwood chairs. Libraries are one of our largest markets. In fact, Eustis Chair has manufactured library chairs that stand the test of time for the past three decades. In that time, Eustis Chair has partnered with numerous library clients for renovation projects, both large and small. Our library clients are a mix of new builds, complete overhauls, and small renovation projects. Older libraries are often in need of a major overhaul to bring their facilities into the modern era. Eustis Chair can help. We put our expertise of library renovations to good use to create this library renovation guide, which has been updated for 2022. The best news of all? This guide is FREE.




America’s Modern Libraries


Exciting trainings, events, and the chance to meet authors bring in larger groups to modern libraries. You cannot host these types of events with outdated facilities. Updates are necessary to meet the demands of the public.


Renovation leads to revitalization: Library Renovation Guide


Eustis Chair makes the best hardwood chairs on the market. In fact, we have been an industry leader for over three decades. In that time, Eustis Chair has manufactured stacking and non-stacking hardwood chairs for numerous library clients. Eustis Chair has a wealth of industry knowledge and created this guide to assist in your library renovation project. This guide covers big issues like how to allocate your budget when funding is tight. We also cover the little things you do not want to overlook. This includes our niche expertise in furniture tailored for modern library patrons. Throughout this guide, you will learn from our decades of experience creating libraries that meet the test of time. 



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