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Library wood chair

Ashburnham Library

Library Wood Chair

Eustis Chair recently worked with Salt Lake, Utah based MJSA Architects for a fun library wood chair project. The Ephraim City Library loves research. They are a gathering place for locals to complete research. Of course they would not make a decision for a new library chair without doing their research first. They researched. They went with Eustis Chair, of course! The library and the architects made a great decision. Eustis Chair loves to work with libraries of all sizes.

The Ephraim City Library chose our Ashburnham chair. They purchased the chair in two different sizes. They went with both the adult and child size. What a fun project for us! This chair is manufactured with our patented Eustis Joint®. It comes with a 20-year warranty against joint failure.

Simple elegance was the goal for this library. They will surpass their goals. The rooms will feature custom tables manufactured by Salt Lake’s premier millwork manufacturer, Fetzer Architectural Woodwork. The rooms will be a beautiful gathering place. We cannot wait to see the finished product. 

If your library is thinking of a renovation, we would love to hear from you. Eustis Chair works with many libraries. Contact us today.

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