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Lithgow Public Library Loves Their Skillman Chairs

Libraries need facilities that will serve their community for as long as possible; Lithgow Public Library in Augusta, Maine honored these values with a 2016 purchase of 80 Skillman chairs. Lithgow Public Library is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an established library from the late 1800s. Local merchant Llewellyn Lithgow first bequeathed over $500,000 in today’s dollars to construct a public library; with a further gift from Andrew Carnegie and local fundraising, the building was brought into reality. Today it houses roughly 67,000 books and offers numerous services to the residents of Augusta and its surrounding towns.

In 2016 the Friends of Lithgow Library reached out to us to try out some of our chairs, which were to be part of the library’s $11 million renovation and expansion project. They found a favorite in our Skillman chair, which hits the high points of comfort and durability. The Skillman’s aesthetic also offers a beautiful foil for the library’s Romanesque Renaissance elements, which include elaborate interior woodwork and stained glass windows. Its box construction configuration, partnered with our proprietary Eustis Joint, creates a chair that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. When we last spoke with the library director she let us know both her staff and patrons love their Skillmans. There’s nothing better than sitting with a good book, and Lithgow Library proves it!


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