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Michigan Capitol: Featured Project

Eustis Chair is proud to announce that the newly constructed Heritage Hall at the Michigan State Capitol has been furnished with 300 Empire-stacking chairs from our collection.


The Empire Chair


The Empire Chair, from Eustis Chair, is a timeless piece of furniture, perfectly suited for traditional spaces. It is a wooden chair with a classic design inspired by historical styles, featuring an enlarged top rail that is ideal for crest engravings. We construct this elegant chair using our patented Eustis Joint® technology, which enhances its durability and longevity.


Michigan’s State Capitol


Michigan’s State Capitol is a historic building that opened in 1879, serving as the state’s third capitol. After years of neglect, a project was launched in 1987 to restore the building to its original beauty. The successful completion of this award-winning restoration in 1992 earned the Capitol the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark.


Who was Elijah E. Myers?


The architect behind the Michigan State Capitol’s design was Elijah E. Myers. His design was selected in 1871 from a national competition to construct Michigan’s third statehouse, as it was the only one that fit the budget while producing a grand vision for the state. Myers relocated from Springfield, Illinois to Detroit, Michigan, to oversee construction. His innovative design, inspired by the remodeled United States Capitol in Washington, DC, established the domed capitol as a symbol of American democracy. By the time of his death in 1909, Myers had designed more state capitols than any other architect in American history.


Despite the building’s stunning architecture, the materials used were inexpensive and painted to mimic more expensive materials like marble and walnut. Visitors may not realize that the marble columns are actually painted cast iron, and the walnut woodwork is painted pine.


Heritage Hall

The newly constructed Heritage Hall is an underground visitors center and event space on the northwest portion of Capitol Square. Eustis Chair is honored to have partnered with the Michigan State Capitol to furnish the Hall with our Empire Chairs, and we are confident that they will serve visitors for decades to come.



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