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MSU’s Wharton Center Installs Two Eustis Chair Designs

Today Eustis Chairs arrived at MSU’s Wharton Center for installation at this top venue. This is a very special performing arts space that has made its mark on every level. The Wharton Center is the largest performing arts venue in the state of Michigan. On a national scale, it’s known for being the number one performing arts venue that’s owned by a university, in this case Michigan State University in East Lansing. Globally, Wharton Center is known for both world premier commissions along with hosting one of the top twenty international venues of its size. We were delighted that we could work with an institution that has impressed everyone that comes to visit – we’re ready to come out and view performances during their upcoming season, including the highly anticipated Hamilton and music from Harry Potter.
With both local and international crowds flocking to their shows, the Wharton Center realized it needed two different types of chairs: comfortable stacking chairs for easy maneuverability, and larger chairs for patrons that require extra seating space. On both counts Eustis Chair could provide: in collaboration with Irwin Seating Company we built Virginian stacking chairs and crafted our newest chair design in the Music Hall (pictured). This chair is wider than our usual lineup with overhanging upholstery that best complements performing arts venues both large and small. Let us know if you spot our chairs the next time you visit this gorgeous center!

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