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Neoclassical Chair: Key Design Elements

Neoclassical design is an elegant style that can help to create a luxurious environment. Adding neoclassical elements can contribute to an aesthetic of refinement. But it can be hard to know which neoclassical pieces to add to your space. We have a lot of experience designing and manufacturing neoclassical chairs. What makes a neoclassical chair?  


Fundamentals of a Neoclassical Chair  




Arguably the keystone factor in neoclassical design is luxury. Any furniture that exudes luxury can have a place in the right neoclassical setting. To ensure that the room you create fits entirely within the expectations of the style, follow the tips below, but what is underrepresented in writing about style is the intangible elements. While the silhouette and patterns can be easy to identify, how the chair makes you feel as a user and a viewer can be equally important. If the chair feels refined and elegant, it may be a good fit for the style.




Neoclassical design features furniture with strong silhouettes. This is typically done by choosing furniture with wooden silhouettes that have luxurious upholstery in the center of the structures, not disturbing the crisp outer lines. The clear silhouette still often incorporates components of grandeur. Elegant woodworking that shows off the luxury of the design is common, so don’t think that a clear silhouette means that it needs to be boring! Finding furniture that features clean silhouettes with sharp edges will help contribute to the overall feel of neoclassicism within your space.  




Traditional neoclassical patterns utilize floral themes for upholstery. Typically florals are subtle and match the color scheme of the room. When not using floral motifs, they will also use geometric shapes within the fabrics, like wide stripes or diamonds. Whether the pattern is abstract shapes or classic large flowers, neoclassicism typically does not feature patterns that are difficult to notice. Though the imagery is subtle; it is easy to notice as part of the room. Part of the refinement of the style comes from the difficult demands of balance that it relies upon.  


Get creative with your neoclassical chair! 


Finally, the neoclassical design has many specific rules. That doesn’t mean there is no creativity! Patterns that speak to the roots of the design style, like things that pay homage to the art of ancient Greece, are another way to stay within the elements of the style. Additional ways to get creative with neoclassical design are to play with the fundamentals of the style, like clean silhouettes, and give them an interesting twist. Clear silhouettes don’t have to be straight back; they can be just as florid and decorative as you would like. 


Design styles often offer guidance, not mandatory rules, for curating a style. Have fun with your design!


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us or view any of the many neoclassic chair designs in our line.

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