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Neo-Classical Chairs for all Venues

Neoclassical Chairs for Buildings Nationwide


At Eustis Chair, we create furniture best tailored for your high-use space. Our line has a variety of models customized for certain architectural styles. Therefore, we’d like to highlight these styles. Similarly, we hope this guide will be a starting point for your institutional chair. More and more schools and libraries need to expand to accommodate more students and patrons. Often, many choose a Neo-Classicalism styled chair for its historical and relevant design. Below we’ve featured 5 Neoclassical chairs and institutions that have successfully chosen embody the architectural design.




The Neoclassical architectural era became popular in the mid-18th century. The movement was derived from Greek and Classical Revivalism and during the era.  Thousands of buildings throughout the United States and Europe sprang up as an attempt to portray both imperial Rome and the birth of young thriving cities. Though originating in Europe, the United States became the largest celebrators of the architectural movement. In addition, the Neoclassical movement quickly became a symbol of freedom and revolution to the American people due to the roots of the Roman Republic.


Above all, neoclassical architecture is generally classified by grandeur of scale and simplicity including columns, blank sides and walls, and clean lines. Famous Neoclassical buildings throughout the world include the Monticello in Charlottesville, Altes Museum in Berlin, Somerset House in London, Buckingham Palace in London, and Basilica di San Giovanni in Rome. Of course, the America’s very own White House, Supreme Court, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and Low Memorial Library embody Neoclassical architecture. 


Top 5 Neoclassical Chairs 


Therefore, the American spirit of the Neo-Classical movement inspired us at Eustis Chair to create furniture rooted in the movement. For example, these 5 timeless chairs compliment any Neo-Classical architecture flawlessly without sacrificing comfort or quality.


For instance, the Duquesne is a lively embodiment of the Neo-Classical movement. With its traditional lines and pillar like features, it portrays ancient Greek elegance. Its small nail trim and regal features fit in any Neo-Classical setting.

Also, the Empire chair embodies all things simplistic. With its straight edges and clean lines, the Empire provides a comfortable and stable seating experience that illustrates universality.

The Kennedy chair, named after Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, captures the American spirit of Neo-Classicalism and new government. Its clean, powerful lines and regal stature make this model a popular choice in any dining venue.

The William and Mary chair is praised for its Neoclassical flair on the curled top rail. With its simple, yet unique lines, this chair is perfect for any dining or elegant seating venue.

Our Louis chair renders elegance through its simplistic form and regal circle back. Modeled specifically after Neo-Classic furniture, the Louis provides timeless comfort in any elegant venue.


neoclassical chairs


Neo-Classical Installations


We’ve installed hundreds of chairs Neo-Classical venues across North America. Check out some of our successful Neo-Classical installations below!


Founded in 1873, Pittsburgh’s Duquesne Club is one of America’s preeminent and most respected private city clubs. Named after the club, the Duquesne chair fit perfectly into the Neo-Classical institution. The club features draping curtains and solid pillars that capture and match the Neo-Classical essence presented in the Duquesne.

neoclassical chairs


Our next cherished installation was to the Café Boulud located in the historic Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach. Chef Boulud and his team chose the Empire chair to bring elegance and regality to their already present Neo-Classical look. The chair compliments the restaurant’s simplistic, luxurious atmosphere.

neoclassical chairs


World renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra chose our Bohemian chair to compliment their O’Block-Kay Room. The Bohemian chair was chosen for it s superior patron comfort and its ornate structure. The Bohemian chair fits seamlessly into the marble pillars, grand arches, and simple walls of the O’Block-Kay Room.

Bohemian Chair


We have previously highlighted chairs best fit for Gothic, Romanesque Revival, and modern architecture. For chairs that fit other architectural styles, view our full directory of chair models or contact us for a consultation.

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