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Red Sox Chairs for Fenway Park

Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is one of the most historic Major League baseball arenas. As the nation’s oldest professional ballpark, In fact, Fenway is over 100 years old! 


About Fenway Park


From 1901 to 1912, the Red Sox played at the Huntington Avenue Grounds. Construction for Fenway Park began in September of 1911 and the park officially opened on April 20, 1912. Boston’s new professional ballpark was full of promise and possibility. 


An exhibition between the Red Sox and Harvard College christened the field on April 9th. Eleven days later, the Red Sox played their first official game at Fenway Park against their rivals, the New York Highlanders (later renamed the Yankees). So many years later, that rivalry remains. On that April 20th game, Boston mayor John “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, grandfather of JFK, threw out the first pitch to Hall-of-Famer Carl Yastrzemski, eliciting a loud cheer from the crowd. The construction of the left-field and right-field bleachers was completed in time for the World Series in late 1912.

eustis chairs at fenway park


One of the most iconic aspects of Fenway is the Green Monster. The nearly 40-foot high wall is a popular target for right-handed hitters. The Green Monster is the highest among the walls in the current Major League Baseball fields. Despite the name, the wall wasn’t actually painted green until 1947. It continues today as being notorious for preventing home runs and many line drives that would clear the walls of other ballparks.


Eustis Chairs at Fenway Park


Eustis Chair is proud to have worked with Boston’s Fenway Park. Of course, Eustis Chair also calls Boston home, so it’s an honor to work with such an institution of history. Fenway Park worked with us and DAIQ Architects to craft over 500 premium dining chairs and barstools for their premier clubs. Two of our stacking chair designs, the Medford and Virginian, have been installed in the State Street Pavilion Club and the Dell EMC Club. They bring both durability and elegance to the space. Thanks to this collaboration, we entered a new design into our line: The Medford Barstool.

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