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new dining hall chair

Westlake Academy Charter School Dining Hall Chair

New Dining Hall Chair

Westlake Academy Charter School is in Westlake, Texas. Their very first school held classes today. The school admits students from grades 1-6. They recently built this brand new Charter School in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. They worked with New York City architects Hart Howerton for this project. The architects looked thoughtfully through the entire Eustis Chair catalogue. Ultimately, the architects selected our stackable Bainbridge Jr. chair. The school agreed. This is the exact chair needed for the school’s new dining hall. They made this selection because of the chair’s unique combination of good looks and ease of use. These chairs also offer superior durability. We build the Bainbridge Jr., like all our stacking chairs, with our patented Eustis Joint®. Not only that, but the chair also comes with a 20-year warranty. That is something to celebrate. Eustis Chair wishes a healthy and happy school year to all the members of Westlake Academy Charter School. We had a great time building chairs for this dining hall. We look forward to building chairs for other parts of the school in the future.

Does your school have a need for new chairs? Eustis Chair can help! We build dining hall chairs, classroom chairs, library chairs, and more. Our chairs are built to last a lifetime.

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