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classroom chairs

Cornell University Class Room Chairs

Classroom Chairs

Cornell University is impressive! After all, they are an Ivy League institution. Only seven other universities can say that. The accolades and discoveries from Cornell are numerous. Just take a list of the notable alumni. You will see some very recognizable names on there in various areas. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one example. The writer Toni Morrison is another. Bill Nye attended Cornell. Even Bill Maher is an alumnus of this fine institution. We are impressed! Eustis Chair makes classroom chairs that leave a lasting impression as well.  

Today, the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University reached out to Eustis Chair. They needed to replace classroom chairs. They ordered 50 Oberlin Chairs for use in a few of their classrooms. This is a first for Eustis Chair. Many college administrators do not feel they can afford the quality of a Eustis Chair in their everyday classrooms. What these administrators do not take into account is replacing low quality chairs every few years becomes much more expensive in the long run. It is expensive both in cost of money, but also in cost to the environment.

Henry Crans, Facilities Director for the College of Arts and Sciences, found himself frustrated with chairs that last only 3-5 years. He recognizes that an inexpensive chair is very often not the lowest cost overall. 

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