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New York Public Library Chair

New York Public Library Chairs

The New York Public Library (NYPL) has provided its patrons with free resources since 1895. Many native and non-native New Yorkers have fond memories of the library as a place for study, pleasure reading, and community. The Rose Reading Room, a staple of the New York Public Library, features a beloved piece of interior decorating close to our hearts here at Eustis Chair: our Rose Reading chair. For anyone looking to learn more about these historic New York Public Library chairs or who hopes to secure one for their own home as a memento of the ever-formative New York Public Library, this article is for you.  


History of Eustis and the New York Public Library 


The New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Room is a cultural staple of the city. In 2014, a 16-pound plaster rosette fell 52 feet within the room. The Rose Reading Room required significant renovations to repair. In May of 2016, Eustis Chair heard about the NYPL’s plan to renovate and informed them about our antique reproduction chairs. For a high-use space like this, the NYPL requires durable chairs to serve its patrons for years to come. Previously, the chairs they purchased could not withstand the demands of a high-use area; where other chairs failed to meet expectations, we promised to exceed them. We provided 504 chairs that perfectly match the originals from the Rose Reading Room. Like all designs with a Eustis Joint, the chairs come with the guarantee they would last at least 20 years.  


In addition to the Rose Reading room, we are happy to say the Dorothy Coleman Center for Scholars and Writers features our chairs.  

New York Public Library Chair

Rose Reading Rooms Chairs 


The Rose Reading Room chair by Eustis Chair is a perfect reproduction of the original New York Public Library chairs. Its traditional design and the proprietary stability of our Eustis Joint provide comfortable, long-lasting seating for library patrons. The chairs in the NYPL have a light stain to match the original, but, like any Eustis Chair design, they can be stained or painted to fit your needs.  


Of course, please contact us with any questions or requests. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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