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What does reproduction furniture mean?

What Does Reproduction Furniture Mean?

Reproduction furniture is a term you may have heard while shopping for furniture for your dining spaces, community areas, or home. But what does reproduction furniture mean?  


Reproduction furniture is furniture made to emulate the designs of the past. Whether it be a writing desk that mimics the same one Charles Dickens used to write Great Expectations or an art-deco style armchair, using this style of furniture adds a flare of history to any space. It is worth noting that often reproductions do not seek to imitate the signs of age of historic furniture. Reproductions seek to reproduce the furniture’s original design. 


Why Not Purchase Antiques?  


While antique furniture is beautiful it can be damaged or easily broken in high traffic areas. Antiques can also be much more expensive to purchase and maintain than modern furniture. Reproductions offer the same look as the furniture of the past without putting buyers over budget. Reproductions are commonly much more durable, therefore less likely to be broken with use.  


Additionally, modern furniture technology and resources are vastly different than those used to create most antique furniture. Throughout history, carpenters often made furniture of many kinds of wood or with non-durable joint designs. Reproduction furniture can combine the aesthetics of the past with the technology and resources of the present to maintain the classic look of an antique that will last much longer.  


Finally, reproduction furniture often costs just a fraction of the cost of an antique. While antiques offer the opportunity to have a piece of history in your home, for many reproduction furniture is the more pragmatic option. 


Eustis Chair’s Quality Reproduction Furniture 


Reproduction hardwood chairs can help to create an elegant look in any space. Eustis Chair offers many reproduction chair designs that are featured in historic buildings in Harvard, the New York Public Library, countless country clubs, and more. Many of Eustis Chair’s durable hardwood chairs come equipped with Eustis Joint technology that will help your reproduction chairs last much longer than antiques or other modern chairs, even in high-use areas like dining rooms, dining halls, and libraries.  


You can incorporate the styles of the past into your room design easily by using reproduction furniture. When you do we hope you look to Eustis Chair for high-quality, sustainable antique reproductions.  


Please contact us with any questions or requests. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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