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Towson University Dining

Newell Dining Hall: Featured Installations

Towson University Orders Dining Chairs from Eustis Chair


This month’s featured installation is Newell Dining Hall at Towson University! Together with EYP designers, Eustis Chair designed and manufactured over 100 wood chairs. 


About Towson 


Towson University is in Towson, Maryland. The General Assembly of Maryland opened the school in 1866 as a school for teachers. Today, it is a ranked 98th nationally for public universities in the US.

Towson is home to around 20,000 students. Towson offers 64 undergrad majors and 37 Master’s degrees. Additionally, there are four doctorate programs. The most popular majors are business, management, and marketing. 


Student Life at Towson


Around 74% of freshmen live on campus. In total, there are 16 residence halls for students to choose from. Additionally, Towson has 20 division one athletic teams. 13 women’s teams, and 7 for men. The university’s mascot is the Towson Tiger! 


Newell Dining Hall 


When Towson University was ready to renovate the Newell Dining Hall, they contacted Eustis Chair. The renovation took seven months. The school ordered 104 Taft Chairs in beech. In addition to new seating, Towson also updated the roof and masonry in the dining hall complex. Builders replaced the windows and added new LED lights, which illuminate the beautiful Taft Chairs.


This particular project at Towson is just one of the numerous school dining halls we are grateful to have been a part of. In fact, you can check out more school dining projects here. 

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