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NYPL Chair (Rose Reading Room Chair) by Eustis Chair

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For generations, the New York Public Library has been a sanctuary for knowledge seekers, scholars, and book enthusiasts. Its iconic Rose Reading Room, in particular, has been a symbol of quiet contemplation and intellectual exploration. However, over time, the beloved wooden chairs in this hallowed space were showing signs of wear and tear, their joints succumbing to the rigors of high-volume use. That’s when Eustis Chair stepped in to craft a solution that not only preserves the library’s heritage but enhances it for decades to come.


The Rose Reading Room Chair: A Perfect Match and More Durable Than Ever


Eustis Chair, a name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, was entrusted with the task of recreating the historic Rose Reading Chairs. The challenge was to replicate the cherished originals while infusing them with Eustis Chair’s elite joinery techniques for enhanced durability. The result? A chair that is not just a perfect match to the originals but infinitely more robust.


We took innovation to the next level by injecting all the joints of these antique reproduction chairs with steel rods and retrograde epoxy. This ensures unmatched stability and longevity, guaranteeing at least 20 years of use, and making the joints even stronger than the hardwood itself. Crafted with precision and care in our US factory.


A Restoration Project Worthy of a Grand Library


The New York Public Library’s restoration project, which commenced in 2008 with a budget of $317 million, aimed to rejuvenate this cultural gem. The library’s commitment to accessibility, education, and community connection prompted a 20% increase in both indoor and outdoor spaces. A new entrance on West 40th Street, along with a plaza, terrace, and loading dock, further enhances the visitor experience.


While the library’s structural integrity remained intact, the Rose Reading Room faced challenges, notably in 2014 when a 16-pound plaster rosette fell from a height of 52 feet. Moisture degradation and the library’s high human activity were identified as the culprits. Extensive restoration work followed, including the installation of a new mural and the replacement of damaged ceiling chunks and loose plaster. This monumental effort culminated in the reopening of the Historic Rose Main Reading Room and Bill Blass Public Catalog Room on October 5th, 2019.


Eustis Provides Durable Wood Chairs for the Library’s Future


Classic wooden chairs in beloved reading locations receive high-volume use, and replacing them is no small task. Over the years, the library tried various vendors, but none could meet their longevity expectations. In May 2016, as the library embarked on its renovation plans, Eustis Chair reached out with a proposal to create antique replica replacements for their classic chairs. The New York Public Library embraced this idea, and the project was set in motion.


In November 2018, Eustis Chair delivered 504 replacement chairs, 40 of which found their home in the Rose Reading Room. Another 60 were destined for the new Dorothy Coleman Center for Scholars and Writers, which opened its doors shortly after. These antique reproduction chairs, with Eustis Joint technology, ensure that the library’s cherished seating will endure for generations to come, standing the test of time with unmatched durability.


Own a Piece of History: New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Chairs by Eustis Chair


Now, we are thrilled to announce that you can own a piece of history! The New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Chairs by Eustis Chair are available for individual purchase for $2,495 for one chair. Whether you’re a bibliophile, a collector of fine craftsmanship, or simply seeking the comfort and durability of these iconic chairs, this is your opportunity.


By acquiring one of these antique reproduction chairs, you not only bring a touch of the library’s heritage into your home or office but also invest in a piece of furniture that will serve you faithfully for decades. Eustis Chair’s commitment to quality and longevity ensures that each chair you purchase is not just furniture but a piece of history that will stand the test of time.


Contact us today to learn more about how you can make the New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Chairs by Eustis Chair a part of your personal collection. Join us in preserving the legacy of this iconic library and its timeless reading room chairs.

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