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Optimize Your Seat Count with 10-60 Chairs

Weddings and other functions tend towards needing as much seating as possible in their fine dining banquet halls. To allow as much room as possible we have developed 10-60 versions of select chair designs. These chairs are narrower at the front of the seat than their original design. The 10-60 name comes from their new ability to seat 10 people around a 60″ round table with each chair tucked under the table cloth, maximizing the hosting capacity of high-use spaces. 
For further convenience we have already crafted 10-60 versions of some very popular designs. Pictured here is a comparison between the Bohemian chair (right) and its sister 10-60 version (left). The Bohemian 10-60 maintains the comfort and opulence of its predecessor with a seating design fit for industry leaders. Other versions in our current line include 10-60 versions of the Claremont, the Empire, and the University Club, all of which have found homes in clubs like Meridian Hills and the University Club of San Francisco. All four designs can be stacked 6-8 high for storage or moving ease; stackable wood chairs remains our poignant calling card. 
Thanks to our commitment to custom manufacturing, we can make a 10-60 version of nearly any chair in our design line. With over ninety chairs in our line, we can re-engineer our seating to best fit the needs of your institution.

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