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stacking pew chairs

15 Years Later: Phillips Exeter Chapel

Stacking Pew Chairs


Back in January 2003 we delivered 300 chairs to the Phillips Exeter Academy for their chapel, which was built in the 1800s and serves as the school hub for interfaith events and activities. The Exeter Modular Pew, seen in these photos and in the chapel today, is engineered with our Eustis Joint® for unmatched durability. These pew chairs are interlocking, and stacking. Pew chairs have the traditional look and feel of church pews. They include a hymnal slot in the back of each chair.


These chairs are elegant in rows within a spiritual space. However, the real beauty of these chairs is in how quickly they can disassemble. They easily stack and move. Therefore, it is easy to reconfigure the chapel for various uses. This was an especially important consideration within Exeter’s multicultural setting.  They wanted to be able to strike a balance between the original elegance of the chapel while offering a welcoming versatility for at least twelve religious traditions.


Since the original chair installation, the chapel’s pew chairs have seen more than fifteen years of community use. Countless religious gatherings, events, and other activities have taken place beneath its Gothic light fixtures and wooden arches. The Eustis Chairs here have been a part of these gatherings. They are set up or stacked elsewhere when they are not needed. Today they’re looking better than ever while still under our twenty year warranty. Fifteen years go by so quickly within a setting as timeless as the Phillips Church!


Many thanks to Phillips Exeter and Cram and Ferguson for our wonderful relationship. It is an honor to outfit such a beautiful historical space. It will be beautiful for decades to come.

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