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Fenway Park

Red Sox Win Big With Eustis Chairs at Fenway Park


Boston’s Fenway Park worked with us to craft over 500 premium dining chairs and barstools for their premier clubs. They may be one of our most recognizable clients and need no introduction as home to the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park has a history deeply intertwined with Major League Baseball, being both its oldest ballpark and its only franchise. Fenway Park has hosted eleven World Series Championships! It’s not only one of the most famous sports venues on earth, but also holds a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Fenway is also a stone’s throw from the Eustis Chair headquarters in Brighton, so building their newest chairs was a real honor for us.


Given Fenway’s massive importance, they needed furniture to match their larger-than-life reputation. Namely, wood chairs with staying power and rugged dependability, even in the chaos of fans during gameplay. Their design team for the project, DAIQ Architects, honed in on our line right away. Earlier today we helped them unload two truckloads in 90 minutes, which will populate the State Street Pavilion Club and the Dell EMC Club. Two of our stacking chair designs, the Medford and Virginian, are being installed ahead of opening day.


This project is also a special one for us as we now have a new addition to our line (pictured). The new Medford Barstool, crafted to match its Medford predecessor, is the perfect wood stool for hours of game-watching. This presents a hardwood seating option for stacking dining chairs that wins on both aesthetic and practical counts. No matter how excited Fenway’s patrons get during an inning, our long-lasting stools will meet the test of time. You could say we’ve hit a home run with this design! It brings the number of wood barstools in our line up to five; we’re excited for further additions as other clients request custom chairs to best complement their high-use areas.

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