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Prep School Stacking Chairs

Roxbury Latin School

Prep School Stacking Chairs


Boarding school renovation projects are close to our hearts as they were some of our first. Similarly, we love outfitting dining halls, libraries, and event spaces for boarding schools. High use spaces in boarding schools are community centers. We believe in gathering and bringing the community together. In addition, where people are, seats are needed! Whether its dining hall, conference, room, or classroom, chairs provide durable comfort for all participants. 


Eustis Chair is proud to add Roxbury Latin School to our list of preparatory and boarding school chair clients. In addition, Roxbury Latin School is located in Massachusetts. In fact, Roxbury Latin is Massachusetts’ oldest preparatory school. Recently, the school decided they needed a renovation for their Varsity Room. Their Varsity Room is a multi-use boardroom and meeting room for students and staff. Furthermore, the room overlooks the football and lacrosse fields. Roxbury Latin chose our stacking Council Room chairs for their durability and obvious elegance. Hastings Architecture in Nashville TN is the project design and talent team. Roxbury Latin and their design team chose this elegant stacking wood chair for its superior comfort and 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure, backed by our elite and durable joinery. We can’t wait to work with Roxbury Latin on their next project!

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