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Saint Marks stackable chair

Penn Law School

Hardwood Arm Chairs


By name, law schools are some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States. When you think of ‘law school’ you can’t help but think of thick textbooks and traditional vaulted ceilings. You also think of fine woodworking and traditional furniture.


The Law School at the University of Pennsylvania is no different. The University of Pennsylvania is a beautiful, picturesque academic space. They decided to renovate the law school’s chairs and to restore the traditional, historical feeling of the space. The renovation also set out to create more accessible spaces to students and staff alike. University of Pennsylvania came to us to outfit their renovation with traditional hardwood chairs.


After much deliberating, the university decided to order 100 of our elegant Saint Marks hardwood Arm chairs. Our Saint Marks is a beautiful, durable, hardwood chair perfect for the law school venue. Due to their 100 year-old tables and out of the norm thickness, we had to custom redesign the Saint Marks to fit the tables.  We created a custom-height arm on their chairs. We offer customizing for many of our customers, and are very careful to make sure that the modified chair maintains its good looks and superior comfort. The modified Saint Marks chairs still come with our 20-year warranty against Eustis Joint failure.

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