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Quality Chairs

Quality Chairs Save Money


We all know how to distinguish between someone who is cheap and someone who is economical. The economical person has a forward-thinking mindset and plans their purchases that way. This is so that whatever they buy will cost them less money overall. The cheap person, on the other hand, does not. Unfortunately, a cheap mindset ends up costing more than an economical one.


We see this frequently with decision makers considering our chairs. Too often, the only times we are not selected are due to concerns over pricing. Our chairs, being on the high end of all chairs, also command high cost. Some institutions choose “cheaper”chairs instead, only to have them break in five years. In these cases, they have to purchase new chairs twice. It could have been avoided with tougher, better crafted chairs. This lesson goes for any major purchase: go with the option least likely to give you a surprise bill down the line.


If you’re deciding between two products now and your main concern is cost, calculate how much each will cost you in the long run. Everyone wants to come in under budget and save money, but don’t shortchange your future self in doing so. Who wants to keep paying for the same commodity when it could have been avoided? 


Sustainable Business

Buying quality chairs like ours is a crucial part of environmental sustainability, and one that noticeably decreases your carbon footprint. Here’s why: the service life of a Eustis

Chair is, at minimum, twenty years. Our focus is on seating that can withstand the daily rigors of busy institutions, and it shows through decades of solid use. None of our competitors can match our warranty guarantee; our chairs will last long after others have been sent to the landfill. Additionally, as the only renewable construction material, wood remains your best choice for going green.


Need some examples? Just ask the Adirondack Library, who chose our chairs after their newer ones broke down. Or the Belmont Hill School, whose chairs are still so useful that they’ve been repurposed for a new area of the school. Or even Harvard University, whose freshman dining chairs were installed in the early 90s and still going strong today. They join the hundreds of institutions in the US that know what we do: there’s no beating buying quality chairs for savings that meet the test of time.

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