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Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, in LaFayette Hill, Pennsylvania is a club of discerning taste. They are often hosts to numerous wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, as well as milestone event celebrations. The space has 42 conference rooms where you can free yourself from outside distractions. These spaces accommodate anywhere between 5 and 500 guests. With over 50,000 feet of meeting and conference space, the center has to order a lot of furniture to keep the place, well, furnished. We love making Merrimac quality hotel chairs for spaces like this one.

ACE Conference Center‘s Food & Beverage Manager Kevin McFadden spent three months last year evaluating chairs. The center planned a banquet hall renovation and needed hardwood stacking chairs. At a center like this, you cannot choose just any chair. The chairs need to be stacking. Chairs for this center need to offer ultimate comfort. The chairs need to look elegant and match the surrounding spaces. 

Ultimately, Food & Beverage Manager Kevin McFadden chose Eustis Chair. Our patented Eustis Joint® impresses him. The club workers enjoy the ease-of-use of our custom stacking hardwood chairs. He chose the Merrimac stacking dining chairs for their comfort and good looks. The Merrimac, like every Eustis design, comes with a 20 year warranty. Our chairs are built to stand the test of time.

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